Freedom From Fear
Through a Course in Miracles
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"Profoundly transformative
and deeply soul nourishing."

"I had a wonderful session with Dakini, she is very intuitive, kind, loving and supportive. She is very knowledgeable in the teachings of A Course in Miracles and very helpful in guiding me and providing me with tools that are having amazing results in my life. I highly recommend Dakini’s sessions to anyone looking for guidance, healing and clarity.  Dakini deeply listens and responds with great guidance and tools that will uplift you and benefit your life."


"My healing session with Dakini was both powerful and humbling at the same time. What a relief to return to truth and let go of hatred for our fellow brothers. I am feeling cleansed and somehow feel more purity within myself which I haven’t felt before. Dakini works purely with the Holy Spirit and truth and if you are ready and willing to let go of your grievances and past pain and receive the miracle it is awaiting you. I am deeply grateful for what I have been shown and experienced today. Amen."


"I have found the Online Sessions Dakini offers to be profoundly transformative and deeply soul nourishing. Dakini’s strong connection with the Holy Spirit alongside her gifts and dedication to the truth, have elevated me up out of the thought system of the ego, bringing me gently into an inner connection with the Holy Spirit for the very first time."


"Dakini is uncompromising yet gentle. I received very helpful support and guidance to navigate my way through ego back lash. Dakini provides guidance that is truly helpful and she doesn't get bogged down in the theory, in A Course in Miracles platitudes or caught up in the stories we tell ourselves. I am so very grateful to Dakini."


"I am recommending Dakini for whatever ails you! She is here only to be truly helpful. I am seeing improvement in my life based on her teaching and guidance. She will help you to align your mind with the Holy Spirit to bring you to a more peaceful state."


"I have just begun with Dakini. Her vibration of healing is palatable! I am an empath and intuitive and I have gone to many healers after traumatic PTSD and disease came into my body. My experience of being in their presence was empty, cold and no true empathy. The advice was to get over it!  Dakini’s empathic wisdom and guidance has awakened a small peep hole deep in my soul that I thought was blocked forever. I now have hope. Her healing guidance brought me to tears. To me this means truth. Dakini is a chosen one to deliver the message of love and unity to assist humans through this time. With Dakini’s guidance I will see the Light."

Course Introduction

If you've been living with fear, you're not alone, as statistics show that one in every three will be affected by anxiety at some stage in their life. Dakini's Freedom From Fear Course can help you heal your unease at its core and live a life of spontaneity and joy. We all want a happy life full of love and peace, but despite many of us working hard to achieve this, we often subconsciously believe we don't deserve it. A lack of trust can cause us to inadvertently sabotage and block our happiness.

A core focus of this course is Miracle Mindedness, which teaches you how to amplify the love within and around you while undoing the causes of your fear and anxiety. Training for Miracle Mindedness involves purifying your mind so that you are in a state to allow miracles to happen.

"Miracles are everyone's right, but purification is necessary first."
A Course in Miracles.

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Two Voices One Choice

In A Course in Miracles, the monkey mind, or the voice inside your head, is called the ego. It’s like a radio station playing with ongoing fear-based thoughts that never seem to stop. However, this voice is not you. The ego is not the truth of who you are. 

The mind could be described as having three parts. There’s the right mind, the wrong mind, and the observer. The right mind is the thought system that is based on truth, Love, and the truth of who you are, and thoughts stemming from here will always lead you to peace. 

The wrong mind is the ego and the thought system based on fear. It is false and untrue. The thoughts stemming from here will always lead to suffering, fear, isolation, guilt, and lack. 

The observer sits in the middle of the wrong mind and the right mind. This aspect, the observer self, is the part that can witness and decides and chooses between the two thought systems of Fear or Love. 

In every moment, every day, you are always choosing between two voices. 

The voice of fear or the voice of Love. 

In this course, you will learn how to strengthen and magnify the voice of Love within you and develop an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is your Guide, Inner Therapist, and the mechanism for Miracles. 

Dakini provides a step by step
guide based on her lived
experience of how she healed
from post-traumatic stress and autoimmune disease through applying the principles from A Course In Miracles.
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