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You Can't Heal
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"I am blown away with the power of Dakini’s Inner Child Course. This inner child work has created a very real shift within me. I feel this is the work I’ve been looking for to finally heal. Real lasting change and healing has finally taken place
in my life."


“Dakini's Inner Child Course helped me find the missing pieces of myself that I’d buried away. Her loving guidance gave me the courage to face myself, my past and my future. I am now starting a new chapter in my life as a whole person and I am now accepting and loving myself. I took the step and I transformed my life.”


“Dakini’s Inner Child Course taught me how to find worth in this life, to live life and to love and accept myself. I have grown out of the shell of the person I used to be and life is waiting for me and I am now reaching for it.”


"I have found the Inner Child Course Dakini offers to be of great benefit. I have learned about myself and have evolved to be a finer human being as a result. I now know that to heal I first need to feel. I highly recommend Dakini’s Inner Child Program to anyone who is serious about doing work on his or herself."


“This inner child work is a must! I re-connected with my emotions and felt again! It had been 10 years since I had cried. Dakini helped me to express my anger and to grieve my suppressed sadness. The knowledge and tools I have gained from Dakini has transformed my life. Please do yourself and humanity a favour and do this inner child work.”


"Dakini helped me to realise we all have pain, anger, shame, sadness and unfinished grief work to do before we can fully connect to and experience the true joy of our Being. I was emotionally lost. Dakini helped me to re-discover
who I really am.”

Course Introduction

Due to our conditioning, society's influence and our emotional needs not getting met as children, most of us deny our inner child. When this child within is not nurtured and given freedom of expression, a false or co- dependant self emerges. When we experience trauma in our childhood, in order for us to cope and survive the pain, we split ourselves off from our emotions. We go into a survival shutdown mode and cut off our real selves. We become numb to our feelings and to the truth of who we are.

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What Is Your Inner Child?

The concept of the inner child has been part of our world culture for at least two thousand years. Carl Jung referred to it as the Divine Child or the Higher Self. The “inner child” refers to that part within you which is ultimately alive, authentic, creative and whole. It is your Real Self – who you truly are.

As adults we become skilled actors and pretending becomes an art form. We may go through life feeling like a fraud secretly afraid that we will be found out. We hide behind a façade, afraid to be ourselves and terrified that we will not be loved for the one that we are. The accumulation of unfinished emotional business from childhood can lead to people pleasing, addictions, unhealthy relationships, chronic anxiety, depression and an overwhelming sense of emptiness and unhappiness.

Discover Your True Essence

Yet there is a way out. There is a way to heal your inner child and to break free of the bondage and suffering of your false self.

Connecting with your inner child is a profound journey of spiritual healing and awakening. It is a magical rite of passage of discovering your true essence, your deepest authentic self.

Inner child work is a vital component of your spiritual journey for with it, you heal, evolve and awaken.

Three things are striking about this inner child work, the speed with which people change when they do this work, the depth of that change and the power and creativity that result when wounds from the past are healed.

John Bradshaw, Pioneer of Inner Child Healing

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