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With a gentle intuitive approach Dakini guides you to cultivate mindful awareness connecting you to your true nature, which is peace, joy and presence.
"A resounding YES to all Dakini offers."

"I am in awe of the amazing clarity and insight Dakini brought to my online session. I can honestly not think of any other Spiritual Teacher who would have been able to help me like she has as I have had lots to do with many healers over many years. I wholeheartedly recommend Dakini’s services – A resounding YES to all Dakini offers."


"I highly recommend Dakini. She is that very rare blend of professional, highly skilled, experienced and grounded in reality with a deep understanding of what makes us tick as humans and beyond. The space she holds feels very safe and non- judgemental which allows one to have an amazing healing experience as I did."


"Dakini offers a service much different from other Spiritual Healers I have been to in the past.  Dakini helped guide me and set me on the right path in a time of struggle in a profound spiritual way which helped me to overcome my anxiety, depression and trauma. The feelings of anxiety and depression are completely normal and it’s okay to speak to an understanding non-judgemental professional for a little help. I could not recommend The Quiet Mind enough."


"Dakini is a very insightful, in tune and gifted Spiritual Healer in the art of healing. She has given me great insight and shifted internal blockages within me that had been holding me back in my life and I highly recommend her. She will help heal you too."


"After seeing a psychologist for 12 months and feeling like I was getting nowhere, in just one session with Dakini I got to the crux and to the core wounding which was fuelling my anxiety. This sparked an awakening and was a catalyst to healing long term anxiety and depression."


"Dakini thank you for my online session. In one session you have helped me find the answers I have been searching for. I feel like you have given me a key to a whole new world and I am so grateful for your healing guidance."

Discovering the Divine

In these turbulent times with so much fear, uncertainty and chaos you need an internal GPS to navigate through life with trust, presence and ease. 

Developing a strong connection with your Higher Power gifts you not only with internal guidance but also with the ability to rise above the battleground of your life and not be pulled down into the heaviness.

Discovering the Divine brings a shift in your perception, another way of seeing yourself, others and the world.

This deepening connection with The Divine turns down the noise of the world and allows you to tune into the softness of your true nature.

Most people have a fascination with the contents of the world, the mind and the body. They don't realise they have another option as they have never experienced the peace of awakening to their true self.

Dakini will guide you to pull your attention back from the constant discord and agitation of society and all the external happenings and bring your focus and awareness to your inner life. You can’t know the experience of inner peace while fixated on problems, your body, thoughts and feelings.

In your Private Session Dakini will intuitively guide you into a unique healing experience, where you surrender to The Divine, empty out and let go of the body, mind and physical world.  

Dakini uses several processes, techniques and modalities to lead you to stillness where healing takes place.

Learning to Look Within

Dakini has spent several years in dedication and contemplation on the teachings of A Course in Miracles. Her main focus has been cultivating quiet and looking within to reach a place of total understanding and acceptance of her true nature.  

Dakini’s intuitive abilities combined with expansive experience in working in mental health, counselling and trauma recovery has led to the development of spiritual tools and processes that are only used in her Private Sessions.  

These techniques are guided by Spirit for your specific needs and are only suitable in one-on-one sessions. One such process is ‘Integrated Embodied Awareness,” an innovative process that releases blocks through exploration, mindfulness and breath allowing you to enter an experience of wholeness and total acceptance. 

Private Sessions with Dakini support your spiritual progress and help you to uncover a level of awareness within yourself, which holds endless healing possibilities.

Dakini will Guide You

Dakini will guide you into a quiet place of connection with your true essence so when the storms of life come you can tap into this place of calm allowing you to operate in the world with more ease.

You will learn powerful techniques that keep you connected to your Higher Power no matter what is happening in your life. Dakini will assist you to open your mind and heart to a new way of being and thinking.

In her previous roles as a Clairvoyant and Psychotherapist Dakini has finely tuned her intuitive abilities allowing her to reach deep levels of understanding and empathy of where you are at.

This allows Dakini to get to the core of your blocks which are keeping you from experiencing your true self. The tools given in Dakini's teachings allow you to always to return to a state of peace.

Allowing an experience of The Divine heals. This happens naturally through the removal of the seeming blocks to the awareness of the Light and Love and within.

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