Meet Dakini Wild

Learning To Look Within

Discover Inner Peace and Spiritual Growth through Dakini's private, guided sessions. Dakini’s intuitive teachings are meant for those who seek to silence the internal clamour and tap into the soothing and rejuvenating potential of the inner stillness.

Dakini carries a loving presence which gently guides you to receive an experience of the stillness and peace within.

Dakini's Beginnings

When I was a child I was gifted a prayer light of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus which I plugged in every night and prayed. This was the most precious thing I owned. Around the age of seven, Jesus would appear to me and I would awaken in the night with him holding my hand and I was flooded with immense love. Not long after I was taken into experiences of direct revelation which occurred several times throughout my childhood.

All That Is

Because I was left alone a lot as a child it moved something in me to question my existence and the world around me. I continually asked “Why am I here?” and “What is this all about?” As I pondered these questions it felt like my thoughts were going higher and higher beyond the room, the house, the sky and the universe. What followed was an experience apart from time, space and reality as I had known it.

One moment my awareness was in my bedroom, in a house, in the body of a child and then my body completely disappeared! Any sense of ‘me’ vanished and my awareness was an all-encompassing pinnacle of light that extended outwards into eternity. It was ongoing rapture, bliss, exquisite eternal joy, extending outwards with an indescribable force of love. It was like a continual explosion of divinity. This Divine Love I experienced is nothing like the love we experience in this world of form. This limitless light that brought so much brightness, brilliance and illumination was not seen with my physical eyes. It was an experience of ‘All That Is’.

A Search For Spiritual Truth

These transcendent experiences set the tone for my adult life and fuelled my search for spiritual truth, healing and realisation.

As a young adult I spent time in silent Buddhist retreats meditating, studying and exploring different healing modalities such as vibrational medicine, psychotherapy, inner child work, yoga, and mindfulness.

Following six months of intensive inner child work in my late twenties, I had a surge of creativity and the onset of heightened sensitivity to the world around me and developed clairvoyance and empathic abilities. Sometimes these ‘gifts’ were overwhelming as I could see, feel and sense all that was happening to others around me as well as those who had passed over.

The capacity for deep seeing and empathy was like a double edged sword and took me deeper into my search for healing and wholeness.

A Course In Miracles

As a spiritual seeker for over twenty years I explored many different healing modalities to assist in my own healing and supporting others to heal their trauma. However it wasn't until I came to A Course In Miracles that the post-traumatic stress flash backs from childhood were erased from my mind - there's no longer a reference point to go back to the past and the memory files from trauma cannot be retrieved.

While studying A Course In Miracles I have been fortunate to experience many mystical experiences and exquisite peace. I believe A Course In Miracles to be the most important and profound mystical document of our time. It is pure non-duality taking us all the way home and leading us out of the bondage of the human condition.

Through an uncompromising path with my commitment to the study of the Course, I came to realize the life I had known was not the entire truth.

After forty days in meditative silence and prayer I was led into an awakening that love is at the core and the truth of who we all are and only love is real. Only love can heal.

Inspiring Minds

I have dedicated my adult life to being of service. Previously, I worked for several years in mainstream counselling and psychotherapy. I now teach and inspire minds to turn down the internal noise to access the quiet healing peace of the Divine within.

I live in a rainforest in Queensland, Australia with my husband Jon and red heeler, Maggie. I live a prayer focused life in devotional full time study and contemplation of A Course In Miracles.

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