Dakini Wild's


Quieten Your Mind

Kuranda Sessions

1 On 1 in Person With Dakini

Dakini runs her Quieten Your Mind Private Sessions, Meditation For Beginners, and Silent Sundays at her Kuranda Retreat.

Quieten Your Mind

Online With Dakini Wild

1 On 1 With Dakini

With a gentle intuitive approach Dakini guides you to cultivate mindful awareness connecting you to your true nature, which is peace, joy and presence, fully online from the comfort of your own home.

Dakini Wild

Meditation For Beginners

Group Program

Dakini will lead you through this life-changing experience with love and care.

Dakini Wild

Silent Sundays

Group Session

In the midst of all the noise of our busy lives we long for a quiet place where we can escape from all the commotion.