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When The Mind Is Quiet, There Are No Problems.

Quieten Your Mind

Kuranda Sessions

In Person with Dakini

Dakini runs her private one on one Quieten Your Mind Sessions, Meditation For Beginners, Meditation days and Silent Sundays at her Kuranda Retreat.

Quieten Your Mind

Online With Dakini Wild

One on one with Dakini

With a gentle intuitive approach Dakini guides you to cultivate mindful awareness connecting you to your true nature, which is peace, joy and presence. Private online sessions from the comfort of your own home.

The Benefits Of This Work

This work will help you maintain your composure and grounding while in the eye of the storm. It’s an essential survival kit. You will learn vital tools and skills for true mastery to access and strengthen a sense of stillness, quiet and safety within.

Depending on your needs the tools provided can assist and be applied to mind, body, emotions and spirit.

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On the cognitive level the tools will assist with anxiety, depression, obsessive thoughts and constant rumination.


On the physiological level specific techniques will assist to heal the nervous system and support you in dealing with unpleasant sensations occurring in the body from either past trauma or from general stress.


On the emotional level the work offers assistance to individuals facing intense emotional experiences such as anxiety attacks, grief, rage, chronic anger, fear, and the burdensome weight of shame.


On the spiritual level you will learn additional skills that can assist and supplement your meditation practice.

For those who have reached a point where you are going through a Dark Night of the Soul, it will seem as if the suffering and setbacks are overwhelming and the life you’re living is meaningless. This is a time to break away from fear and ego and focus on an inner journey as nothing in the outside world can bring meaning, purpose and peace.

To be an anchor when the storms of life come is an acquired skill that can be learned in this work. It will teach you just that.

Quieten Your Mind will give you the ability to take control and not only find your sanctuary but strengthen it at your core.


Love Is At Your Core, All Else Is An Illusion

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I feel deeply grateful for my Online Sessions with Dakini. Together we were able to uncover and release blocks that had been affecting my life for many years. I felt safe, supported and held and now have a deeper feeling of peace and wellbeing. Deeply grateful for this healing and would recommend Dakini’s loving, insightful presence to anyone suffering with physical, emotional or psychological pain or for those who want to deepen their spiritually. Thank you so much Dakini.


Blessings to you Dakini for holding space for me and assisting me to connect with myself to reveal my inner most truths. With your loving support, I was able to identify core beliefs and effortlessly release the blockages preventing me from living my best life. There is an empty space in my mind and I feel a sense of joyous peace. Thank you for nurturing me in the process and sharing your gifts.


Dakini embodies the Divine Feminine and carries a loving presence which gently guides you to receive an experience of the stillness and peace within. I wouldn’t be here where I am now without her guidance and support. She has been instrumental on my path to experiencing miracles and my awakening. Dakini’s Online Sessions is the reason I have woken up a little more to myself that is the Self with a capital “S.” I now feel empowered as I have the tools to continue on my path. Thank you so much Dakini.


In every session I’ve had with Dakini I have felt her professionalism and heartfelt care. I have had sessions in person and online and there really is no difference to the quality of what Dakini delivers. I can’t thank you enough Dakini for the support and guidance through my difficulties, which not only helped me find my way through the dark, but also empowers me with new resources for when I need to help myself. Dakini brings a humble and compassionate energy to her work with Holy Spirit. I highly recommend her for she is highly professional and fully respects the sacred space and intention which is extended to others evolving on their journey.


Dakini is an extremely gifted Healer and a master in teaching people how to meditate and implement this into everyday life. I received life changing tools from Dakini’s Beginners Meditation Course. I was suffering from burnout and stress. However, since Dakini’s course I have recovered through applying the techniques I learned and can slow down, relax and quieten my mind in order to restore and replenish mind, body, spirit on a daily basis. If you have ever considered meditation or would like to deepen your existing practice I can highly recommend The Quiet Mind.


My Online Sessions with Dakini have been life changing. I saw Dakini initially to discuss my health issues. She taught me powerful tools along with breathing techniques and I have found these to be invaluable. Dakini made me feel safe and accepted as she is compassionate and non-judgemental and I felt free to express my inner most thoughts and emotions. Dakini gently guided me into a shift in my mind where I am now able to move beyond my past and see my life and my future with fresh new lens. I wholeheartedly recommend Dakini to anyone who is in need of spiritual guidance and healing.


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