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"I experienced a deepening of peace and quiet."

"Dakini is an extremely gifted healer and a master in teaching people how to meditate and implement this into everyday life. I received life changing tools from Dakini’s Beginners Meditation Course. I was suffering from burnout and stress.  However, since Dakini’s class I have recovered through applying Dakini’s meditation techniques. I can now slow down, relax and quieten my mind in order to restore and replenish mind, body, spirit on a daily basis. If you have ever considered meditation or would like to deepen your existing practice I can highly recommend The Quiet Mind."


"Through Dakini’s Meditation for Beginners Course I experienced a deepening of peace and quiet that I had not experienced before. Her professional presence and presentation of differing ways to calm the mind and go within to experience peace and clarity is a gift I have with me forever. The various meditations showed me what resonated with me personally and gave me the skill set to handle challenges as they arise. I highly recommend Dakini. Her beautiful energy creates the tranquillity to totally relax and creates the trust one requires to let go and turn within."


"Dakini’s Meditation Classes for Beginners are calming, peaceful and relaxing. She explained the meditation which I liked so I was able to understand multiple ways of relaxing into the meditation. I highly recommend connecting with Dakini if you would like to introduce mind and body wellness to your life."


"I received so much out of Dakini’s Beginners Meditation Course. I feel more peace, less anxiety and sleeping better. Dakini offers easy to follow instructions and tools to let go and surrender into meditation. I highly recommend Dakini for anyone challenged with anxiety and who wants to bring calm and stillness into their life through a daily practice."


"I have tried to meditate many times but I just couldn’t get the foundations right to be consistent in a daily meditation practice. In Dakini's Beginners Meditation Course I learnt the nuts and bolts of the process and how to set myself up for success. I am meditating daily now and I feel so much clarity and deep presence. Dakini is a gifted Meditation Teacher and I highly recommend her Meditation Program."


“Dakini helped me to develop a passion for meditation. I used to struggle with anger but now after learning the tools to not only calm and centre myself, I can meditate daily. I find now I rarely if ever get triggered. I am so thankful to Dakini. She is a dedicated and gifted teacher and I recommend her to anyone who wished to find
a still calm centre.”

Course Introduction

If you’ve never attempted meditation before it can seem slightly daunting. Dakini’s Online Meditation Course for Beginners will teach you the hows, whys and whats of meditation in the comfort of your own home.

Dakini will lead you through this life-changing experience with love and care. She will teach you how to clear your mind and address common meditation challenges. Along with, reveal the many important tips that were gained through her years of experience in assisting people to grow spiritually and find inner peace and wellbeing.

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Dakini will guide You

Did you know that the average person thinks around 70,000 thoughts per day?

As human beings we are addicted to thinking and live most of our lives in our minds. However, you can learn however through a daily meditation practice to not only break this compulsivity of the mind but also clear out your internal clutter in order to generate presence and peace within your life. 

Our addiction to thinking breeds suffering which fuels depression and anxiety.
Over thinking has become a disease of our time. Dakini will guide you to overcome the obstacles of turning within to generate stillness and quiet. You will learn powerful tools and techniques to step back from the mind.

Through this Course you will gain in spiritual strength and attain skills that are imperative to survive these times.

Benefits Of Dakini's Online Meditation Course

Learn how to meditate from the comfort of your own home
Develop a daily spiritual practice
Improved relationships through deeper acceptance for yourself and others
Self-mastery of your emotions
Improved sleep
Reduced anxiety
A quieter mind
Relief from symptoms of depression
Increase resilience
Improve overall wellbeing

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