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Silent Sundays

In the midst of all the noise of our busy lives we long for a quiet place where we can escape from all the commotion.  A serene sanctuary where we can rest for a moment to not only catch our breath but to find our centre and recharge our batteries.

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Program Details


First Sunday of the Month


9:30 am - 4:30 pm


Kuranda, QLD



Some prior meditation experience is required with the day being held in silence.

Unplug from everything and drop into stillness and relaxation with Dakini to deepen your daily practice. You will take away with you a deeper sense of calm, well-being and peace.

Participating in a full day of meditation is a wonderful way to reset and give yourself the gift of rest, stillness and renewal.


What Clients Are Saying

I had the most beautiful experience with Dakini. I came from a world that was fast pace, full of appointments, deadlines, demands and noise, into a peaceful, warming welcoming sanctuary. Dakini took me on a wonderful journey, and in just an hour, gave me the valuable gift of meditation. I came away feeling so light and free, like I could breathe again. Dakini is very gifted and I highly recommend her. Even if you weren’t sure what you were looking for, she would surely help you find it.


Silent Sundays

So much sweet love, empathic healing energy came through the guided meditation Dakini channelled for me to help me with my insomnia. I am sleeping so much better and more deeply than ever before. I am deeply grateful to you Dakini what a gift -thank you for sharing your heart with the world.


Silent Sundays

I'm feeling very grateful after the beautiful guided meditation with Dakini. I was feeling stuck in certain draining thought patterns feeling exhausted and heavy. I tried to remove the stuck loop I call it now Lol! I was seeing a healer who helped me feel better but it was nothing like this guided channelled meditation from Dakini which released it at its core.


Silent Sundays

I experienced a safe place with Dakini - taking me into a deep guided channelled meditation to assist me with processing a loss of a loved one. I left feeling a clear space of Stillness and Peace within. I highly recommend Dakini’s services to anyone who is seeking a professional whom they can trust as I come from a health background of 45 years and confidentiality and trust are really the most important things. You will get both of these with Dakini.


Silent Sundays

Dakini is a gifted intuitive. She has a gentle loving way. I went from storm to calm almost instantly.


Silent Sundays

I really loved my sessions with Dakini on learning how to quieten my mind. Dakini's voice sends you into a state of peace and stillness. Dakini has an intuitive and empathic teaching style and is very knowledgeable. I left every session feeling so peaceful.


Silent Sundays

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