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April 13, 2024

When Does Spiritual Awakening Happen

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"See the Light in others and treat them as if that is all you see."

This is such a wonderful quote by the late Wayne Dyer. Seeing the light in others is a life changing spiritual practice. The extending of blessings to others as a spiritual practice can be dated back to 905 AD to Germanic Paganism. The word blessing derived from the meaning 'to mark with blood in order to make sacred.'

I assure you if you commit to doing this practice with tenacity in all your relationships and in all your interactions, not only will your life will be transformed, but you will be led into a Spiritual Awakening.

Firstly, you must have the willingness to see the Light in everyone, not just in a select few, but in everybody.

Seeing the Light is about perceiving the purity, equality and innocence in every living thing. It's a gentle overlooking of the body and looking only to the Spirit.

It’s seeing this Light not only in your spouse, your co-worker and loved ones but also in the people that trigger you, push your buttons and those who appear to act unlovingly.

“Why practise seeing the Light in others?” You might ask.

Because everyone you meet is you.

The Light in you extends and reaches outward telepathically to their mind, lifting them up and raising their awareness into an experience of Oneness.

The great mystics and spiritual teachers of our time have been pointing to the highest metaphysical teaching that we are, in fact, One. Whenever we meet another, we are only ever meeting ourselves over and over again and it’s in this encounter which lays the seed for self-realization.

A Course in Miracles is a profound mystical document which provides an individual daily study program that gently leads you into a direct experience of Oneness.

Jesus states:

“When you meet anyone, remember it is a holy encounter. As you see him you will see yourself. As you treat him you will treat yourself. As you think of him you will think of yourself. Never forget this, for in him you will find yourself or lose yourself.”

Simply begin by silently blessing others in your mind while you pass them at the supermarket, while walking your dog or at your workplace meetings.

Say silently in your mind:

I love you. I bless you. You are the Light of the World, you are Holiness, perfect, innocent and guiltless. You are the Christ. You are the everything and the All. You are Divinity. You are the Alpha and the Omega. Purity and beauty. You are pure Spirit. You are perfect love.

When you practice this daily over time you will begin to experience an opening and elevation in your mind. You will start to experience yourself as the energy you are sending out as it comes back to you.

By seeing the Light - you receive Light.

When I committed to this daily practice I began to have very little awareness of my body as I started to move into an expanded state with the knowing that everyone I was perceiving is the Christ.

It’s in your relationships that this practice could be put to the best use as you may find it's your spouse or partner that triggers you the most.

“But how can I see the Light in someone that has really upset me, angered and hurt me? What about that person who owes me money, or disrespected me at a social gathering?” You might ask.

“Or what about the one that betrayed me the most and brought me undone. How can I see the Light in them when they caused me so much pain?”

Ask for help spiritually from your Higher Power. (the Holy Spirit)

What does your Higher Power mean to you? Some believe in angels, or universal source, a spirit guide or even a loved one that has passed over that is still with you. Use the archetypal image or energy that you resonate with, that is symbolic of truth, and bring that into your awareness.

It doesn't matter what symbol you use because if it is a symbol of love of truth, to you it is the Holy Spirit. It's all the Holy Spirit.

Call out in your mind silently to your Higher Power.

Help me. Help me to see, (enter the person's name) differently, I want to see them as you see them. I want to see, I want to see the Light in them, I want the miracle. Above all else I want peace and I want to see this person differently. I want to see the truth of who they are.

Thank you.

Meeting the Light in another is overlooking anything that is not like love. It’s seeing beyond any error, seeing beyond the body and searching fervently, ardently looking for the Light and wanting to only see the Light. This Light is the truth of who they really are and the truth of who you really are.

If you struggle with applying this practice to someone you know well due to pain and resentments, bring up in your mind a memory of when you saw them happy. See them in this way in your mind’s eye. Hold that picture image for as long as you can. Visualise their eyes shining brightly emanating light, innocence and joy.

Silently say:

I love you, I bless you. You are sinless, guiltless and innocent. You are wholly loving and wholly lovable. You are the Christ. You might want to visualise them seated next to Jesus on a patch of grass on a beautiful sun shine day. Jesus is laughing with them, loving them, unconditionally accepting them. Keep repeating the blessing in your mind while holding the happy image of them until you feel a shift.

Establishing the light, purity and innocence everywhere in all living things will fast track your Spiritual Awakening and fuel the Celestial Speed up of Humanity’s Awakening.

2024 is the year of accelerating and elevating humanity’s consciousness. It is the year of Unity and Light. This Light extends outwards telepathically, going beyond form rising above the script of the dream of separation with the intentional joining of the 7 Billion seeds of Light within the Holy Light of the One Mind.

This world is very tired and worn down. This world is in urgent need of an Awakening and rebirth now more than ever.

The cure for humanity is within you.

Go and be Love for that is what you are! Exempt no one from your loving sight.

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