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April 11, 2024

Where Empathy Comes From And How Not To Get Drained

A Course in Miracles
Spiritual Awakening

When you stay aligned with LOVE nothing can drain you.

“It's an ego trap to think those of lower frequencies drain us. We then feel victimised and blame them. However, being drained of energy is a symptom of being closed off to Source. If we remain open to the flow of Source, we over flow. Remaining open and recharged is our responsibility, not theirs. Victim mentality is an extension of the ego.”

What's actually happening when you feel like you take on other's emotions or negativity to the detriment of your wellbeing?

Among the new age spiritual community, they might label you an Empath. However, this process is called co-dependency in psychotherapy, where one lacks emotional, psychological, and spiritual internal boundaries. The individual can't differentiate between where they begin and where the other ends. Another term for this is 'enmeshment,' which stems from feeling an over sense of responsibility for others.

Co-dependency is the inability to generate an inner life or any good feelings from within. Therefore, one's foundation must come from the external, i.e., love, approval, and feelings of self-worth.

An over sense of responsibility for others comes from guilt and shame, first established in childhood due to not getting one's development needs met, abuse, neglect, or abandonment.

However, let's take it up a notch and look at this from a higher perspective - from the higher metaphysical truth that we are in fact ALL One.

From this perspective, when you feel another's pain or perceived negativity, it actually is your pain because THEY ARE YOU, you are them.

The perceived pain is coming from within your own mind. If this causes stickiness, discomfort or attachment within, that's an indicator that the same energy is within you.

If that energy wasn't in you there wouldn't be anything for it to attach to.

It could be helpful to ask the question.

"Is it helpful to think, I am an empath and that I take on the energy of others? Or are these thoughts supporting the belief in separation?"

Believing you are an empath is just another mental construct to surrender on the path of spiritual awakening.

As Jesus states in A Course in Miracles,

"The guiltless mind cannot suffer."

When you have undone fear, guilt, shame, grievances, and painful memories, you generate a quiet mind, allowing you to be at ease with others no matter their circumstance, whether they are dying, depressed or angry.

Your role, then, is to extend your peace of mind outward and bless the minds of others who believe they suffer.

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