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April 13, 2024

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Spiritual Awakening
A Course in Miracles

We are in the Midst of a Great Awakening

A deep collective wave of purification is bringing to the surface all hidden darkness and many are feeling it.


If there are emotions and situations in your life that you haven’t dealt with, due to them being too painful, they will be bubbling up now to be looked at, acknowledged and released to the Light. Those that have already made their way across the bridge to peace are assisting others to anchor in the Light. They are calling to us telepathically to drop identification with the mind and move into the peace of God that passes all understanding.

With all that’s happening globally and with what’s coming up internally for many, it’s challenging to find a way through. We really are in a pivotal time of a collective awakening and if you’re reading this, you are hearing the call to take your part, to take your place, to be a Light and to join with others in Oneness.

Among the uncertainty and chaos, learning to trust in the higher unseen forces at play in your life is imperative. We need to be reaching for the Spirit now more then ever, along with strengthening a daily practice of surrender in order for a continual giving up of oneself to occur.

The practice of surrender now needs to become your default.

The focus is now on your internal house, strengthening your inner foundation on the bedrock of the thought system that is based on Love and not on the ego, which is made of sand. So when the negative thoughts come you are prepared and ready with a survival tool box on how to ride through the Dark Night.


There’s never been a time as pivotal in the dreaming of the world as now. We are all going through this upheaval together and the celestial speed up is upon us. The time is now to do the inner work, to do your inner work. We are all being called.

In A Course in Miracles it states Miracles are everyone's right, but purification is necessary first. I can’t think of anything more important than to do your inner purification work, to learn to quieten your mind, to release grievances, to find your spiritual path, to strengthen your connection with your Divinity, to heal and rise above the wounds and trauma from your past, to come into an experience of your true nature.

The louder the external world gets the necessity to look within becomes stronger.


In your private Coaching Session you will be guided and supported with the most appropriate tools and teachings to assist you into an experience of your true self.

An example of some of the key tools and practices are;

Learning how to Surrender

Grounding a daily spiritual practice in order to connect with truth

Training your mind to look within

Tools on how to quieten the mind

Listening to inner guidance and acting on guidance

Learning how to release intense emotions

All of these tools and skills are imperative for these times and will equip you to return to love.

Your session will include teachings and practices from A Course In Miracles and from my own How to Quieten Your Mind Course as well as all I have learnt and taught for many years. Guidance and intuitive information will be shared and you will see your life with new awareness and begin to see new possibilities. Many tools are provided in my Courses however individual sessions are tailor made and customized through intuitive guidance and working with you to create a unique healing experience.  


You have a unique history that I can tap into though intuitive knowing and in turn help you realize your Divinity.

You may have previously been introduced to these concepts intellectually but true knowing can happen only through experience. Once you have visited your inner realm and felt the total surrender and peace you will always want to go back. You will learn to sustain this quietness within until it cannot be rattled by the demands of the ego.

My sessions are not about an academic or intellectual understanding but a total surrender to experience your Divinity.


Awakening is all about changing focus and attention. Turn down the volume on the content of your life and turn up the focus on your true self, natural self, Divine self. Most people don’t realize they have this option. They assume their whole being is the mind, thoughts, feelings, sensations and they have never experienced the peace of awakening to their true self.

These sessions are for anyone who is seeking inner peace, wanting a relationship with their Higher Power, a connection with the Divine or for anyone that is on their path of Awakening.

Allowing an experience of the Divine heals. This happens naturally through the removal of blocks to the awareness of the Light and Love within.

Sessions guide you to the transformative healing light of your Divinity and when you see The Divine within, you become blessed to see it in all beings. Through the process of spiritual awakening one elevates their consciousness beyond the thinking mind which transcends the personality leading you into an experience of your true nature, which is Love.

So no matter where you are on your journey, don’t judge it and please most of all be kind and gentle toward yourself.


And remember, under the anger, the fear, despair, feelings of shame and guilt there is a radiance that has never been harmed, that never been lost, that is the truth of who you are.



Everyone needs a little help sometimes. If you're looking for guidance and support Dakini is here to offer you a private Online Coaching Session designed to meet your specific needs click here to find out more.

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